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Cooling Vest - How Does it work

How do the Arctic Heat Cooling Vests work ?

How do the Arctic Heat Cooling Vests work ?

Arctic Heat Cooling Vests contain special cooling crystals which are located in panels across the front and back of the vest. When activated in water the special crystals turn into a gel like substance which can then retain the temperature of the water that it has been placed in.

Once activated the Arctic Heat cool vest can be frozen, chilled or heated.

The Arctic Heat Cooling Vest can provide a significant advantage to the athlete or worker subjected to potential heat stress.

Cooling of the body can be achieved pre, during and post exercise. The chief benefits of using cooling vests include:

* drop in skin temperature

* improvement in perceived comfort level

Designed to be eye-catching and effective, Arctic Heat Cooling Vests can provide the athlete with a significant competitive advantage and the outside worker with an effective aid against heat stress.

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