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Scientific Data

Tests on the Arctic Heat Cooling Vest indicate:

Lowering of skin temperature by up to 63 ° F.

The latest research says that a cooling vest can improve a 5km run time by on average 13 seconds.

S.A. Arngrimsson et al. Cooling vest worn during active warm-up improves
5-km run performance in the heat. Journal of Applied Physiology
96:1867-1874, 2004

Skin temperature decreases rapidly once the Arctic Heat Cooling Vest is applied – even when used over the clothing the skin temperature reduction can be as much as 54 ° F.

Less total cardiac output is directed towards the skin, allowing more blood to be directed towards active muscles.

Arctic Heat Cooling Vests serve to conserve fluids which would normally have been lost in the form of sweat.

Arctic Heat Cooling vests delay the onset of dehydration and performance decrement.

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