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Cooling Vest

Arctic Heat Cooling Vest

Arctic Heat Cooling Vests

The Arctic Heat Cooling Vest is a revolutionary product designed to counter the harmful effects of heat stress. It is fast becoming an essential piece of sporting equipment for athletes seriously seeking a competitive edge.

For industry, the vests are an effective and convenient method of protecting employee’s health as well as improving productivity.

People that suffer from heat stress throughwhite cool vest medical conditions e.g MS and eczema gain great relief by using the Arctic Heat Cooling Vest.

The Arctic Heat Cooling Vest contains a special non-toxic completely biodegradable viscose gel that absorbs the water it is soaked in.
The materials used in the vest are designed to lower skin temperature, which in turn stabilises the core body temperature. By controlling and stabilising the core body temperature a person can perform at his or her optimum level for much longer, sustained periods.

It also reduces sweating and assists the natural cooling system of the body.

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The Vest is manufactured from scientifically tested and proven body-cooling materials, Microfibre and pockets of gel which are designed to hold any temperature for extended periods.

Medical experts have long stressed the importance of controlling body temperature. Since the early 1820’s there have been studies that have shown that cooling the skin before activity can sustain performance over longer periods and postpone overheating.

The vest is easy to use and can be activated anywhere by simply submerging the cooling vest into water for 15 minutes so that the crystals in the pocket swell into gel form.

Once activated the vest can be placed in the refrigerator or freezer. The vest can also be placed inside the resealable bag/satchel it was purchased in and put on ice or in an ice slurry. The length of cooling time is subject to outside temperature and body heat considerations.

As a guide if soaked in an ice water / slurry for 5-10 minutes the vest will stay cold for 30-60 minutes. If frozen for two hours or longer it will stay cold for 1-2 hours.
The vests are available in several styles – White zip vest and Blue zip vest and fire resistant Nomex.

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