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ARCTIC HEAT Body Cooling Vest – White

The Arctic Heat cool vest is ideal for people who require a lightweight cooling vest. This Ice vest is suitable for athletes, team sports, people with MS Multiple Sclerosis, industrial workers, can be used underneath clothing. A firm fit is best. Should be worn against the skin, or very close to the skin.

  • Lightweight – from 2.2 pounds

  • Constructed with quality cooling materials

  • Can be re-cooled in minutes

  • Available in many sizes – Extra Small to 5XL

  • Lowers skin temperature

  • Can also be heated in winter

  • Works in hot and humid conditions

  • Will stay cold for up to 2 hours

  • May improve performance

Please choose the correct size. The cooling vest should be a firm fit.
Measured around the chest. If you are in-between sizes we would recommend the smaller size.

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