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Scalp Cooling

Cooling Cap

Arctic Heat Chemo Cap


The Arctic Heat cooling cap can be used in sport, work or in any situation that cooling or heating of the scalp is needed. The Arctic Heat cooling cap has also proved most effective in the treatment of Migraine headaches.
The cooling cap was designed in association with medical authorities in Australia to assist people receiving Chemotherapy and to assist the cooling of critically ill people in initial treatment. It has been established in medical studies that by cooling the scalp before, during and after chemo there is a marked decrease in hair loss and the cap achieves this in a comfortable effective manner. Please seek specialist medical advice before using for this purpose.
Available in Blue or White

Hair Loss Prevention

Chemotherapy Scalp Cooling

Clinical trials are currently being conducted around the world studying the results of scalp cooling during chemotherapy as a treatment for hair loss.

Arctic Heat cooling caps have been used successfully in Europe, UK, USA and Australia for many years. What makes our cooling cap different is that it is a cost effective option, proven to be successful in eliminating substantial hair loss in 80% of patients. A one off purchase means that you can use your cooling cap for as many treatments as you need without the hassle of expensive ongoing monthly rental fees. Our cooling cap are light weight and comfortable. They do not need to be wired into a machine, you have full mobility and are free to walk around during your treatment.

We supply a special chemo therapy packs, which consists 3 caps. This allows patients to wear one cap on the way to the treatment, one during and one after to insure continuous cooling on the hair follicles to reduce hair-loss.

These caps are designed and made in Australia from the highest quality materials, lined with a specially designed polyester interlock fabric which has an inbuilt wicking effect.  Moisture is drawn away from the scalp, resulting in a dry application

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