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Customer feedback

Wall Street Journal review July 2010 “I found the Arctic Heat vest seemed to make the heat significantly more bearable. … I seemed less fatigued from the heat than my riding partner, who wasn’t wearing a device. The vest was lightweight and comfortable. The cold gel felt great on my back..”

Wall Street Journal

“Thank you Arctic Heat!!! I ordered my Cooling vest and it arrived just in time for our vacation!!! I was able to be out all day with my family and enjoy our time together, despite the 100 degree temp. The vest is lightweight and very comfortable. I encourage anyone that has MS and avoids going out because of the heat, …to order this vest. I am looking forward to more outdoor fun! Thanks again Arctic Heat. I LOVE the vest and the arm bands.” said a recent customer on our Facebook page

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“Thank you for this amazing vest! It arrived just in time for a trip to Texas for a family reunion. My husband was able to get out in the heat and humidity comfortably. He even wore it while cooking food over a fire pit for my Cub Scouts. It was 95 that day but he said he felt like it was in the 70’s! It’s making such a difference with his primary progressive MS!” said another satisfied customer on Facebook.

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“The ice vest is working beautifully. Just an amazing product.”

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