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The Sportwool™ advantage

Sportwool™ combines the unique high-performance composite or bi-component fabric structure of Merino wool with other fibers in such as way that the fabrics are able to take advantage of wool’s unique properties.

The end result is modern, lightweight clothes that the wearer clearly discerns as noticeably different.

Wool contributes the following benefits to Sportwool™ garments:

Vapor-processing making the wearer feel cooler quicker and reducing sweating.

Efficient wicking structures: moving liquid sweat away from the body.

Drier-to-touch garments that feel less ‘clammy’ to the skin during activity.

Natural elasticity.

Natural UV protection.

A natural climate-control system that can reduce ‘post-exercise chill’ and which allows sport and ‘active-wear’ garments to breath naturally.

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