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Frequently Asked Questions

Will the cooling vest make my clothes wet?
No it can be used dry, clothes will not get wet or damp. The Arctic Heat cooling vest can be used in either a wet or dry manner. To use dry, activate the cooling vest and then hang to dry, removing any moisture. Then you can chill or freeze the vest. Take it out of the fridge or freezer and wear it over or under clothes. This is the most common way of using the cooling vest. The inner linin of the cooling vest is a special moisture wicking material which also helps to keep the user cool and dry.
The cool vest can also be dunked in ice water for a couple of minutes and gently wrung out to remove excess water and worn, typically used in this manner by sports people after an event, and normally when the cool vest has lost its initial coolness. Used in this method clothes may get a little damp, but generally the athlete is sweaty anyway.
Do you have different styles for men and women?
No. We use the same unisex style. Available in white or blue. Our children’s cooling vests are a slightly different design with adjustable shoulder and sides to allow room for growth.
Where do I measure to get the correct size?
Take your chest or bust measurement. The cooling vest needs to be a firm fit for optimal cooling and to stop the cool vest moving about during exercise.
Are there cooling sections on the back of the cooling vest?
Yes the back of the Arctic Heat cool vest contains 3 cooling sections. (There are 4 cooling sections on the front).
How long will it take to receive my order?
During the period May thru August 19th orders normally ship within 24 hours. Priority mail normally arrives 2-3 business days from posting. Express orders generally arrive 1-2 business days from posting.
Can I use my AMEX card to make payments?
Yes, however you will need to select the paypal option and checkout with your AMEX card via the paypal processing system. Our regular credit card processor only accepts Visa or MasterCard. Visa, MC, Amex and Paypal are available via the Paypal option.
Do you ship Internationally?
Yes we do ship internationally. Please order via our online store. International express shipping stars from $49.95. Canada express shipping from $36.95.
How do the Arctic Heat products work?
Arctic Heat Products contain a special, non-toxic, completely biodegradable viscose gel that absorbs water. Importantly, this gel retains it’s temperature for long periods. University tests indicate that the gel keeps it’s temperature for up to 3 times longer than similar products. With Arctic Heat you can have the product at whatever temperature you desire.
What can the products be used for?
Depending on the specific product, Arctic Heat products can be used for a variety of reasons. Arctic Heat vests can be used for both cooling and warming! They are a great benefit for improving athletic performance, increasing productivity in the workplace, assisting in the quality of life of people with medical conditions affected by heat and reducing the dangers of heat stress. Arctic Heat products can be used for muscle strains, tears or pain that require the application of a cold or hot pack.
Do the cooling jackets give an athlete a performance advantage?
Many researchers have documented the use of cooling jackets in conserving fluid, which would have otherwise been lost in sweat. Increasing the temperature gradient between the athlete’s core temperature and their skin temperature has the effect of reducing sweating – this then delays the onset of dehydration and performance decrement. Of course, the better the cooling product retains the cold, greater the benefit for the athlete. With Arctic Heat’s scientifically proven properties athletes can maximize the cooling advantages.
How long will the product stay at the temperature I want?
How long Arctic Heat products stay at the temperature obtained depends on a variety of factors. The 2 biggest variants are body temperature and the outside temperature. The gel inside the product has the ability to hold the exact temperature that it is introduced to for a substantial period of time.
Exactly how do I make the product work?
Arctic Heat USA products are simple and easy to use. Simply soak the product in cold or warm water for 2 minutes.Click here for full use and care instructions.
How long will they last?
Arctic Heat Products will last for years if properly maintained. Store in a well-ventilated room when the product is wet. Once the product is completely dry it can be folded and packed away.
What do I have to do to clean/care for my Arctic Heat product?
It’s easy to care for Arctic Heat Products. Simply hand wash in warm soapy water for 1 minute when needed, gently squeeze and hang to drip dry. Make sure the gel surfaces don’t touch when wet.
What do I have to do to get the jacket cool/warm?
Simply place in water at the required temperature for 2-3 minutes and towel dry. Placing the product in a refrigerator or freezer for a short period will lower the temperature further. Click here for directions on using as an ice ,cool or warm/hot pack.
Why do Arctic Heat products work so well?
After 4 years of research and development, Arctic Heat have designed an easy to use product that can be hot, warm, cool, cold or ice! With simple Velcro fasteners, Arctic Heat products can be simply applied to fit perfectly delivering maximum benefit.
Would they help my arthritis?
Arctic Heat Products have been trailed and approved by the Arthritis Society of Australia. Arthritis sufferers will know that heating the affected area increases blood flow and assists mobility. With a proven ability to retain heat longer, and being so simple to use, Arctic Heat Products can make a significant difference.
Would they help my child’s eczema?
Arctic Heat Products have been extensively trailed at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne. Reducing the heat of the skin is central to reducing the itching of the skin. “The Dermatology Department are extremely impressed with the results we have seen so far…the children’s living standards have improved dramatically.”

Why should I buy Arctic Heat Products?
Practical and easy to use, delivering maximum benefits.
Arctic Heat Products have been scientifically proven to be the best cooling product when tested against competitor products. Being so easy to use means that Arctic Heat Products can benefit you without the hassle and freezing that is required by other cooling products.

How Does it Work?


The Arctic Heat Body Cooling Vest or Ice Vest is a lightweight garment designed specifically for body cooling. The vest works by mimicking the body’s natural cooling process of keeping the skin dry and cool. It is made from two body cooling fabrics, Merino wool and Micromesh, which provide a wicking effect. This wicking effect transfers moisture from the skin to the front of the garment keeping the skin almost completely dry.
A crystal is sewn into strategically placed pockets in the vest, which activates into a gel when soaked in water. This specially designed gel is completely non-toxic and has the ability to retain temperature for extended periods of time.
Testing conducted by the CSIRO (Australia) has proven the effectiveness of the vest in all its applications. For the longest period of continuous cooling, the gel inside the vest should be frozen. The products are also very effective when placed into a fridge or in a slurry of ice water.

The vest weighs approx. 2.2lbs making it light and non restrictive to wear.
The vest, when placed directly against the skin can drop skintemperature by up to 30°F in about 7 minutes. If placed over a light
singlet or shirt it has the ability to cool skin by up to 23°F. Once the vest is removed it takes about 20 minutes of intense activity for the skin to return to ambient temperature.

The Arctic Heat Cooling Vest

  • reduces skin temperature by up to 30°F while maintaining a stable core temperature.
  • delays the onset of dehydration by conserving fluid that would normally be lost through sweating.
  • lowers cardiac output towards the skin and allows more blood to be sent back to the muscles resulting in a prolonged high level of performance.