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General Care and Use

Arctic Heat Neck Wrap

Directions for Use

  • Neck Wrap comes in crystal form. Initially soak in water for approximately 10 minutes so crystal in pockets becomes gel (pockets should be raised but not bursting). When removing from water, roll wrap to remove excess water and hang to dry. Do not squeeze wrap as this may damage gel pockets. Wrap is now activated.
  • Wrap must always be in activated (gel) state before being used.
  • To use COLD place ‘activated’ wrap (i.e. in gel form) in fridge or freezer. Wrap may be frozen by placing in freezer for approximately 15 minutes. The longer period the wrap is left in freezer, the longer it will stay cold. CAUTION: When using as an ice pack do not leave on body for longer that 20 minutes at any one time.
  • To use as HOT place ‘activated’ wrap (i.e. in gel form) in microwave over for 30 seconds intervals until wrap is desired temperature. When wrap begins to cool place in microwave at 10 second intervals. CAUTION: These times are a guide only depending on microwave ovens. Always check against skin before applying directly to body part to avoid burns.
  • If the crystal/gel pockets start to dehydrate and become flat, soak for 5 minutes so that the gel pockets properly swell again. If pockets return to crystal state simply repeat initial soak.
  • Whilst in activated (gel) state, the wrap must be stored by hanging in a ventilated area. If wishing to store the wrap for long periods, allow the wrap to completely dehydrate (returning to crystal) then fold and store. To re-activate, simply repeat initial soak.
  • To wash, simply hand wash in warm water with mild soap for 2 minutes and hang to dry.
  • Please note: Gel crystal are non-sensitive to the skin and mucous membranes, are not absorbed by the skin and mucous membranes, are not absorbed by skin and are non-toxic, however, if ingested seek medical advice immediately. The Arctic Heat Neck Wrap is designed to help the user manage the symptoms described. It is not designed to cure these problems. These instructions relate to the use of Arctic Heat products only.

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